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Failed on a no spend day!

July 8th, 2006 at 01:51 am

Had to buy some flowers for my aunts Birthday. I already gave her some gifts, but I felt so sorry for her as my uncle is now in a residential home and she lives alone. She's a very young looking 76 today. Also picked up some fresh beetroot to go with salad for lunch. Not too bad it came to less than 5.
We have our name down on a site where you can bid for rental homes. We had bid on one fairly near us, which would have been ideal. We fit the criteria, ie have two young kids, work and live in area, but alas we didn't get this one. At the moment we half own half rent our present home and I know it's not considered savvy to go from owing to renting, but the equity would pay off our debts and give us a little nest egg. Also, if we can rent we wouldn't have to worry about paying house repairs, which have been a major source of wasted money to us lately (don't ask!). I'd appreciate views on this???

1 Responses to “Failed on a no spend day!”

  1. beans6 Says:

    Hi yes I agree sometimes it pays to sell.If you sell & pay off your debts.This should help anyones credit score! After you sell & save up a emergency fund you can start saving for a down payment on a new house. Because its not smart to rent forever.
    I rent now & its really hurting my feelings.Goodluck.
    ps I always get my own inspection, here it cost about 200.00 but
    you can fix any problems before you market your house & it will give the buyer no negotiating room down the line.

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