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Bad week at work

December 10th, 2006 at 08:48 am

Well I've not written for ages, I've been getting grief at work. Although since maternity leave I cut down to part time working, they still expect a full time amount of work out of me. It's getting me down so much now. I didn't hardly sleep last night with worrying about it. Not only that, but we have lots more staff joined whilst I was off work, and no one has introducted me to them, told me what they do or anything. They come in my office which I share with two other employees, (who have only been there less than 1/2 the time I have) and chat away to them like I am invisible. My confidence is at rock bottom.

To top it all, I am still having pain where my gallbladder was (had it taken out in August). This is worrying me the most. Does anyone have any knowledge of this? You guys always seem to help me with advice. (Like when my baby was in hospital).

Sorry the above wasn't financy stuff. I am kicking around the idea of jacking my job in, hubby wants to to. But how would we manage? times would be so lean. Oh well....