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Big win

October 27th, 2006 at 02:13 am

Well I heard rumours that a syndicate at the University where I work had had a big win. I was fantasing that there would be a big ole cheque on my desk yesterday. Alas, it was another dept that won 5million!!! 15 people in the syndicate, so not bad huh? On and off during the day I was thinking... what if it had been me.... all our debts would be paid etc. You know how it is. Well my DH comes home from work after me and says a friend of his has died. He was only 49 and has had bone cancer for some time, but was in remission and bravely had even got a job. He died in his sleep on Monday. I am just sooo sooo sad, poor guy. Hubby is cut up too. Moral to this story.. why dwell so much on worrying about debts, when you can enjoy your healthy life.

Slightly better month

October 20th, 2006 at 01:44 am

After the salaries come in, and payments made, this will be the first month we can save a little. Hubby has been working like a dog to get us here. Whilst I am home from work nursing baby with chickenpox. No doubt DS4 will get it too.
I've been motivated by reading nickle and dimed and low wage britain. Can anyone recommend any other books along those lines? I have to say I love reading these blogs, does prevent me buying things for the sake of it.