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I want to move to USA!

July 8th, 2006 at 08:06 am

Strikes me that you guys earn so much more than us folks in UK. I just read on another site about frugal living that one person has managed to pay off over $8000 of debt since January. Geez i haven't earned that much since January!
I have always had a fascination with USA, although have only visited twice. I love reading all your blogs, it keeps me focussed. I read a lot of books to keep me focussed too, but would welcome any book suggestions. Sorry for the second post of the day!

7 Responses to “I want to move to USA!”

  1. StressLess Says:

    I want to move to the UK! I want to watch Eastenders any time I want, visit the Chelsea flower show and see what Tesco and Sainsbury's are like. Hope to at least visit someday. Smile

  2. englishrose Says:

    why don't we house swap for a fortnight? lol. Seriously its amazing how other countries can fascinate you isn't it? lol Have you ever seem Emmerdale? that is filmed near where I live. I see the actors in the local supermarket! how cool is that?

  3. boomeyers Says:

    Very cool!
    I do believe the fascination is equal with our desire to see your country! I have never gotten to visit yours! Only through books!

  4. Joan.of.the.Arch Says:

    I think (don't quote me; this could easily be inaccurate) the average family income right now is about $44,000 (23,800 GBP) before taxes. I think that average includes households with 1, 2, 3, or more income earners. My friends from outside the USA are often surprised at how expensive some things are here. The one who lives here says her family used to think she must be rich, knowing her income and the fact that she sent money home to them. But they found out that she was really struggling here to send that money home. And the two times that one of them has come to visit her, they have brought her things like clothing and non-prescription medicines from home because it was so much cheaper to buy it there than here. She also is hoping to be able to travel home in the next two years to get surgery, glasses, and dental work. She came from a place where everyone rode bikes, trains, and buses, but here, she is surprised to find that she cannot get to and from work without a car, and expense which she had no idea she would have to bear.

    My other friend inherited a tiny house here. Though she is probably upper middle class in her home country, she cannot afford the expenses of plumbers, a furnace & radiator specialist, and painters that her house needs. In the USA, such workers are middle class themselves, and so are paid well. In her country, such workers are often close to grunt labor and inexpensive to employ. I mow her lawn for her and keep her garden; and I think she would choke to know how much it would cost to hire out the job. She visits about once a year, sometimes twice.

  5. flash Says:

    But England and the UK are beautiful, and wonderful! I'll admit, my favorite place is Singapore. And AU, and NZ, and Japan, and Korea, and of course Italy...I think I've loved just about everywhere I've been.

    Of course, you are welcome to come visit any time!

  6. LuckyRobin Says:

    Actually, the pound is worth a lot more than the dollar. I think its something like $1.80 U.S. equals an English pound. So relatively speaking it may not be near the amounts you are thinking just from reading the blogs.

  7. koppur Says:

    I have a huge facination with the UK!~ I've been to England twice, and am totally in love with it. Especially Bath and Glastonbury! Every time I think I will travel somewhere new, I think about how badly I want to go back to England. I'd love to move there someday! Where in the UK are you?

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