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Had gallbladder surgery

August 20th, 2006 at 11:46 pm

so not been writing here. Have been reading the blogs though as they are my inspiration. If I get to that place where I am tempted to fritter some money, I log on and read here and usually it stops me.
At the moment we seem to be taking one step forward then 3 backwards. We never seem to get ahead with the bills and its beginning to get me down now. Although I went back to work last week after maternity leave (and only 8 days after gallbladder surgery) my salary will be way down after nursery fees have been deducted. So my next payslip will be a shock I'm sure.
I did however get another (don't laugh!) paperround, whilst I was on maternity leave. It's like my other one in that it is only once a week. The pay isn't much but it feels like free money as hubby can watch the kids whilst I do them on an evening. It all helps.
Regarding the surgery, my colleagues said I shouldn't be back at work so soon, but I felt ok. Now however, I'm experiencing soreness or it feels like internal bruising where the gallbladder would have been. Not sure if this is normal? anyone know on here?

5 Responses to “Had gallbladder surgery”

  1. LuckyRobin Says:

    It'll hurt for a few weeks. You will feel totally bruised whenever you overdo something. Take it easy as much as possible. It takes about six weeks before that internal bruising feeling goes away. But do be careful at the first, you don't want to tear the internal stitches.

  2. englishrose Says:

    Thanks so much for that, it is very reassuring! I appreciate you taking the time to explain Smile

  3. englishrose Says:

    Thanks so much for that, it is very reassuring! I appreciate you taking the time to explain Smile

  4. fern Says:

    You should call your doctor or a nurse just to make sure everything's ok.

  5. debtfreeme Says:

    make sure that you lift nothing that is heavier than 4 pounds. even if it was laproscopic it is still considered major sugery and they had to cut into muscles to get to the GB. take your time, DO NOT RUSH. i had mine out a coupld months after returning from peace corps, i had an infection we did not know about but you need to take time to recoop.

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