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yet another hospital visit

August 21st, 2006 at 11:38 pm

Thought I was being good getting petrol at a station quite a way from us, as I was passing yesterday, as it was a lot cheaper. Hubby is going delivering pizzas tonight (does this once or twice a fortnight to help out with our situation), hence the extra petrol. Well our 6 month old wasn't too good yesterday so I took him to the GP whod iagnosed upper resp infection. Last night however, he seemed worse, had a hacking cough and a pathetic little wimpery cry, it broke my heart. To cut a long story, I took him over to the hospital and he has croup! They gave him steroids to kick start his recovery. He didn't have too bad a night surprisingly and is asleep at the moment too. Need more petrol now however, hey ho. At least the little mite is gonna be ok.

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