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Slightly better month

October 20th, 2006 at 01:44 am

After the salaries come in, and payments made, this will be the first month we can save a little. Hubby has been working like a dog to get us here. Whilst I am home from work nursing baby with chickenpox. No doubt DS4 will get it too.
I've been motivated by reading nickle and dimed and low wage britain. Can anyone recommend any other books along those lines? I have to say I love reading these blogs, does prevent me buying things for the sake of it.

4 Responses to “Slightly better month”

  1. rduell Says:

    You know, Nickle and Dimed was the book that made me leave my very low-paying job as a library director in the library in our town for the job as the assistant county librarian for our library system. Our book club read it and it really hit home with me that if something happened to my husband I would never be able to even begin to support myself and the 5 kids. Granted, I could walk the 2 blocks to work so I really saved on transportation, but I was getting paid $7 an hour (28 hours a week) for the responsibility of being running the library. What other small business manager would work for that and no other benefits at all???

    So when the job as assistant came open I applied even though it meant a 20 mile drive which includes going over a bad hill in the winter. This job has benefits, the employer matches my contributions to a retirement savings account, and MUCH better pay!

    It really is amazing the effect one little book can have!

  2. LuxLiving Says:

    Congratulations Englishrose & hubby on getting to the savings part!! YEAH!

    Rduell - congrats on stepping out into a better financial life! Good for you!!!!

  3. englishrose Says:

    Congrats Rduell! Yes I agree its amazing what one book can do. I am desperate to find more like that!
    Five kids? I envy you.... i want one more, have four (2 grown and a four year old and a baby), but all things considered I don't think it'd be wise. (Health probs during last pregnancy).

  4. englishrose Says:

    Thanks Luxliving for the reply. I love it when people take time out to comment.

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