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November 8th, 2006 at 01:20 am

Well I've been hankering after a new dining table and 6 chairs from Ikea, but it would cost nearly 400! So yesterday my daughter and I went to look in a local auction room. There was a nice table and chairs there, granted not pine which I wanted but nice non the less. Far better quality too. Seeing as how I am shy, I filled in a form saying that I couldn't be at the auction (today) and put my highest bid in as 100. The only reason I put so little down is because my daughters friend got a set for 80 a few weeks ago, so you never know. So today I'll be hanging around the phone to see if I was successful. If so, I've saved lots of money, if not, well guess it was just meant to be.

2 Responses to “F”

  1. Carolina Bound Says:

    Good luck!

  2. happyzookeeper Says:

    Hope you get it!

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